Benjamin Smolen

American flutist Benjamin Smolen has performed across the globe, from the United States to Europe, Russia, and Japan. He was appointed Principal Flutist of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Orange County, California in 2011. 

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You are awesome! And so handsome! OMG nice pics. Also, I’m listening to music from your site continuously = so you better add new tracks soon.
— Ritu Kamal
Hey Ben! Your website is really cool. Hope you’re having a good summer…see ya when you get back!
— Josh Thiele
Hi Ben, loved it
— Betty
Congratulations on your new position at Pacific!
— Wendy
Simply enchanting!
— Gretchen Rhue
Where can I buy your music on CD?
Also of the Duo Musagete?
— Bettina Hughes
Ben, Your website is really fun to explore. More great photography please. Your fans are demanding it!
— Doc Smo
Ben, how wonderful to have discovered the 2010 version of Ben Smolen through Robert’s Facebook page! Your virtuosity is something to behold; the result of immense talent, passion, and hard work. Bravo! And best wishes for your continuing career. I look forward to following your accomplishments and listening to your performances.
— Clayton Woodard
Hey Ben, love your website! You sound really amazing. Any CD recordings in your future? If not, there definitely should be. Stop by the Dept Office if ever you are in town.
— Gregory Deane Smith
Hey Ben! You are fierce! Woot! Flute! LALALALA
— Abigail
You are absolutely amazing and SO inspiring! I will be watching/listening always and for-evs! Rock on, you genius talent, you!!
— Chevonne
Ben Smolen? More like Ben’s Smolderin’!
— Vivian

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